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by: Mika Matthews

Dante, orphaned by the endless war of the gods, strives to find power and grace in a cold world. Risking punishment for his attempts, he studies the craft despite being untied to the gods, nobility, priesthood, or any magical bloodline. Rising to great heights despite being low-born is always a risk, but he strives to excel in a world that cares so little for those it deems unimportant. With only one real ally, he is determined to become a force unlike any other.

Hecate, the three-faced Goddess of Magic, is searching for a special soul. One free of burdens, bloodlines, and destiny. She needs it to mold it into a tool that can help soothe the egos of the gods and stem the tide of war on the mortal world. Eager for this soul, she listens early to any call, desperate to fulfill her duty as the Ambassador to the Gods.

Can these two beings, so deeply different, find their peace and path?

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